Tree of the Year | Holm Oak – Warrenpoint & Rostrevor

Possibly one of the greatest ideas for a competition we have seen in a very long  time. A great initiative that was launched to raise badly needed money.

We need your support to ensure that this tree gets the votes and supports it needs. The most votes win the prize,

The Holm Oak, Northern IrelandWe need you to get involved and we ned you to get your friends and family involved. Voting is simple, simply select the two trees you think deserve the prize and then click vote, once you enter your email address you will receive an email asking you to confirm your vote…. Simple!

The tree we wan to win?

OLD HOMER – Bent but not Broken Rostrevor, Northern Ireland


The Holm Oak, Northern Ireland

Picture: Michael Cooper

The European Tree of the Year challenge began in 2011. It was motivated by the already well established Tree of the Year challenge, which has been organised annually in the Czech Republic by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation for a long time.

The European round is a finale comprising of the victors of the national rounds.

The motivation behind the European Tree of the Year is to highlight the essentialness of old trees in the characteristic and social legacy that merits our care and security. Not at all like different challenges, the European Tree of the Year doesn’t concentrate on excellence, size or age but instead on the tree’s story and its association with individuals. We are searching for trees that have turned into a part of the more extensive group.

Consistently a huge number of individuals take an interest in the challenge. The quantity of nations taking an interest has expanded from 5 to 16. We are continually searching for new accomplices in European nations, so that the insurance and protection trees – bearers of genius loci – becomes a topic of well needed focus and attention.

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