Businesses who subscribe to the Visit Warrenpoint booking service will consent to a 10% charge on every booking. This 10% includes:

  • Online Advertisement with Visit Warrenpoint (including the Visit Warrenpoint Website and Social Media Accounts)
  • A Booking Fee for all Bookings taken by Visit Warrenpoint.
  • Continued contact with Groups regarding their booking via Telephone and Email.
  • Taking and editing Photos/Videos/Information of each Business when required for the Visit Warrenpoint website. 

The 10% Booking Charge is NOT added to the cost of the booking. The 10% is deducted from the overall price. We do not accept prices that businesses do not advertise themselves. The customer is not charged for Visit Warrenpoint services therefore they MUST receive prices as advertised by each business.

With regards to payment from Visit Warrenpoint, we have attached space in all the relevant Information Sheets for Businesses’ Bank Details. Customers will pay via the online platform or via bank transfer and we will consequently pay your business via Bank Transfer. Businesses will only receive cash payments when customers have chosen to pay Visit Warrenpoint in Cash upon their arrival.

Visit Warrenpoint requires each business to offer only services and facilities of a high standard. If for any reason the customer is dissatisfied with a product or service and brings their complaints to our attention we will pass their concerns on to you. In this line of work issues undoubtedly arise but if problems persist after you have been notified we will be obliged to cease offering your services to our customer. In order to provide the best of Warrenpoint and Surrounding Regions and give our customers an experience they’ll remember for all the right reasons, it is vital to take care of the customer’s fundamental needs and desires.

We do not require final numbers from groups until three weeks prior to their arrival date. As soon as we receive final numbers we will confirm these with business owners and activity providers. If numbers drop within three weeks of their arrival we do not charge the customers unless it is the policy of the specific business to do so.

Every group will receive a contact number on arrival for each business that they’ve made a booking with. If problems arise in relation to a booking, groups may then contact businesses directly with their concerns. This means that we do not give away incorrect information or advice. This will also avoid many pointless calls to Visit Warrenpoint regarding trivial matters that may otherwise be resolved easily by businesses themselves.

Visit Warrenpoint opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 5pm

Friday & Saturday: 10am – 6pm

Sunday: CLOSED

If for any reason you need to phone/text/meet, these are the hours we will be available on: +353 87 9576989 / 028 9099 8594 /

If you need to meet a member of staff in we ask that this occurs between Monday and Thursday during the hours of 9am – 5pm. During Friday and Saturday we tend to be caught up meeting groups all day so it’s best to give a 2-3 hours notice mid-week and there shouldn’t be any problem meeting you. Visit Warrenpoint is closed on Sunday with the exception of checking groups out and we ask that everyone respects these hours, with the exception of emergencies.

The Visit Warrenpoint Facebook Page is growing steadily and the Visit Carlingford sister pages currently boasts over 8,000. With the pages being updated daily we are always on the lookout for new information to share with our followers. As part of our service we will be happy to receive a list of events/deals/specials from your business that we can then advertise on our page. We also recommend that you update us with proceedings throughout the year in case we overlook anything. If you have any last minute cancellations we also advise that you contact us as we regularly have last minute enquiries.

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