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  • Package A
    500 2 Adults & 2 Children
    • Sunday - Thursday
    • Accommodation Self Catering
    • Half Day Carlingford Adventure
    • Bicycle Hire
    • Gym & Pool Access at The Four Seasons
  • Package C
    620 2 Adults & 2 Children
    • Sunday – Thursday
    • Accommodation Self Catering
    • Full Day Carlingford Adventure
    • Bicycle Hire
    • Gym & Pool access at the Four seasons Leisure Club
    • Tennis Rackets and Balls*
    *(€30 will be refunded at the end of your stay with the return of all Tennis Rackets and balls)  


Carlingford is that the one-stop for all of your vacation desires this year. Our knowledgeable team of Vacation Planners can produce a package that features everything from accommodation and eating to activities and nightlife. Our packages are rigorously tailored to satisfy a family of all ages. Our extremely dedicated team will work around the clock to plan your getaway. From the instant, you arrive at the picturesque village of Carlingford. We have handpicked a variety of hotels and activities as part of package family choices. These provide excellent facilities, a variety of space ranges, and service options if needed.
Travelling long journeys with a young family will be tedious that is why we’ve additional options of dealing with the numerous wants you may want for your trip all for a tiny fee. Travel Cots, court game rackets, high chairs, step gates, fishing rods and so much more.


Your dedicated Package planner Visit Carlingford leads the way in housing services with the biggest choice of properties in and around the village at the best rates available.
Whether you’d like a house on the main street of the village, a homely B&B, a contemporary lodging on the waterfront or a house outside of town; we can organise everything you need.


Carlingford has exploded on the front of activities. Popular family activities are proving to be Sailing, Zorbing, Horse-Riding, athletics, adventure activities and go-karting to name a few.


Carlingford is proving to be a treasure for Foodies. With differing menus, lots of menu varieties, different family deals and lots of completely different atmospheres. We are going to ascertain what most closely fits your family and your budget, so all you have got to try to to is opt for a time and show up.

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