When booking with Visit Carlingford these are the Terms and Conditions in which your booking will be made.

Booking Accommodation

When booking Accommodation with Visit Carlingford we apply a €200 booking/security deposit per group booking. We will refund this amount within five working days after your departure, assuming the booked residence is at the same standard as the day you arrived ( Damage Free, Heating Fair Use Policy applied) .  In certain cases we will require your Credit Card details or to keep your physical card with us  until the morning of your departure.

You have a minimum of Four weeks before the due date of your arrival to make a booking cancellation . Failure to do so will entail that your booking/security deposit is lost.

We require that your outstanding Accommodation balance be paid in full Three weeks prior to your arrival. Failing to do so may lead to the cancellation of your booking and the loss of your booking/security deposit.

We can hold an enquiry for a maximum of 5 days; after which an enquiry is considered void unless a confirmed booking is completed.

Booking a Package/Activities/Accommodation

1. A 40% deposit per person is required to secure the booking. This is NON-REFUNDABLE and non-transferable. In certain cases we only charge a deposit of €200. This is non refundable 4 weeks prior to your arrival if booking is cancelled.

2. Full Payment and confirmation of final numbers is required a full 3 weeks prior to you or your groups arrival. Payment is non refundable. Activities and accommodation providers employ this condition and as such Visit Carlingford will employ this condition on behalf of all of our providers.


Visit Carlingford will require that all bookings are made with credit card, If there has been damage made to a property during your stay that exceeds that of which the security deposit covers, We will make a charge to the credit card on file to the full amount of the receipt of works done to restore the property to the condition it was in on your arrival. If in the instance that payment cannot be made Visit Carlingford will attempt to charge the second nominated member of the party which has card details on file.

What is the Guest Refund Policy?

The Guest Refund Policy supports our customers in the event they experience a Care issue. A Care issue generally falls into one of 3 categories: (1) the supplier cancels the reservation shortly before check-in or the supplier fails to provide access to the service or accommodation (2) the listing booked is misrepresented or lacks in promised services/amenities or items, or (3) amenities listed failed to work or was not resolved in a timely manner during your reserved times.

The following are scenarios addressed by the Guest Refund Policy. The guest arrived to the listing and notified Visit Carlingford within 24 hours that:

  • The listing is missing an amenity promised on the site in either the listing’s description, amenities, or photos.
  • The room type of the listing is not what was booked. Unless due to prior arrangment
  • The number of bedrooms or bathrooms in the listing does not match what was booked.
  • The listing itself or the location of the listing is not what was booked.
  • The listing does not have clean bedding or towels available for all the guests included on the reservation, unless the host has clearly stated that linens are not provided or hasn’t marked essentials in their offered amenities.
  • The listing is unsanitary, unsafe, or hazardous to the health of your guests.

As Visit Carlingford are a booking agency customers must directly engage with the supplier to resolve any care issues which are listed in the aforementioned. In cases where the supplier and the customer cannot arrive at a reasonable resolution. The situation then becomes a dispute.


Disputes can arise between the supplier and the customer. In the case that the customer requires more than their deposit to be refunded.
If the supplier cannot resolve the problem to the customers satisfaction, at the time, you must also contact Visit Carlingford, so that Visit Carlingford the Company is given the opportunity to help. In the event that a complaint cannot be resolved at the time, you must email info@w4rr3npoint.wpengine.com or write within 28 days of your return to Visit Carlingford, Castle Hill, Carlingford, County Louth and giving all relevant information. Failure to take these steps will hinder the Company’s ability to resolve the problem and/or investigate it fully and in consequence, any right to compensation you may have will be extinguished or, at the very least, substantially reduced. In some cases these disputes can take a minimum of 28 days to resolve. We advise our customers to please be patient as we will do our utmost to arrive at a resolution that is reasonable to the customer.

The Guest Refund Policy is not insurance and does not replace your traveler’s insurance. Make sure you review and understand the terms of your insurance policy and what it covers and does not cover.

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